The 13th Winners' Artworks


The World Contest winners are selected out of the National Contest winners.

TOYOTA DREAM CAR ART CONTEST Toyota Announces the 15th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest Winners - Grand Prizes Go to the Children from Thailand, China and USA -
Toyota Dream Car Art Contest Outline
The Toyota Dream Car Art Contest, first held in 2004, gives children around the world a hands-on experience to feel the joy and importance of having dreams. It is also meant to provide children with an opportunity for developing an interest in cars. Thanks to the support and cooperation of the children around the world who draw/paint their works and send them in, and of the distributors and affiliates who organize local competitions in their respective countries or regions, the contest marked its 15th year in 2022.
Despite the COVID19 situation, entries in this year’s contest numbered approximately 530,000 from 78 countries and regions. From this year, we started accepting CG (Computer Graphic) artwork. The award-inning entries were selected among the winners in the national contests. National contests were held around the world from March 2021 to February 2022, with the winning artworks submitted to be judged for the world contest. In May 2022, besides Toyota Motor Corporation, art experts and automotive specialists from outside Toyota judged the entries and selected the award winners in the contest’s three categories by age. Award ceremonies will be held in August or later in each winner’s country. The award ceremony will be posted on the official website of the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest.
General Evaluation of the 15th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest Artworks
We felt that a different and more expansive view of the world was being created in the artworks. We were impressed by the fact that diversity is becoming more prevalent among children and that they see more into the future than adults. We also think that the works reflect the times well. We think it is important for children to see the world in which they ride in cars, envisioning various dreams. Considering that CG artwork also carry the fresh colors and dreams of children, we think it would be good to see a few more CG artwork in future.
Grand Prizes
<Ages 7 and under> 「Inventor’s Car」
Judges’ Comments:
Useful recycling cars are what the world needs today.
The way how the garbage sucked in vigorously is transformed into a beautiful work of art is boldly and carefully expressed.

<Ages 8~11> 「Cosmic Garbage Cleaning Truck」
Judges’ Comments:
Strong artwork. I spent a lot of time admiring the imposing cleaning truck and even became interested in its structure.
I like the imagination and the detail with which it is expressed.

<Ages 12~15> 「Toyota Dream Orchestra」
Judges’ Comments:
I was impressed by the skill and energy of the person who painted this picture.
In a world where music and mobility merge, I wanted to move pleasantly amongst the grasses and flowers!
Special Awards
<Waku-Doki* Award>
“Joy of car ownership”&“Fun-to-Drive spirit” are related to a sense of “Waku-Doki.”
*”Waku-Doki” : Exceeding expectations brings joy & smile to our customers.

「Lightning Flame Breather」
Judges’ Comments:
I think Waku-Dokimeans speed and the joy of driving a car.
I am attracted to fast cars. I want to drive one!

<Mobility for All Award>
Awarded to the artwork expressing the car which realizes “Freedom of moving to all people.”

「Toyota Without Borders」
Judges’ Comments:
The idea of breaking down borders that separate families, friends, and cultures has a strong message and is highly unique.
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