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The World Contest winners are selected out of the National Contest winners.

TOYOTA DREAM CAR ART CONTEST Toyota Announces the 14th Dream Car Art Contest Winners - Grand Prizes Go to the Children from Korea, Canary Islands and China -
Toyota Dream Car Art Contest Outline
The Toyota Dream Car Art Contest, first held in 2004, gives children around the world a hands-on experience to feel the joy and importance of having dreams. It is also meant to provide children with an opportunity for developing an interest in cars. Thanks to the support and cooperation of the children around the world who draw/paint their works and send them in, and of the distributors and affiliates who organize local competitions in their respective countries or regions, the contest marked its 14th year in 2021.
Despite the COVID19 situation, entries in this year’s contest numbered approximately 1,190,000 from 75 countries and regions. The award-winning entries were selected among the winners in the national contests. National contests were held around the world from March 2019 to February 2021, with the winning artworks submitted to be judged for the world contest. In May 2021, besides Toyota Motor Corporation, art experts and automotive specialists from outside Toyota judged the entries and selected the award winners in the contest’s three categories by age. Award ceremonies will be held from beginning to middle of the August in each winner’s country.
General Evaluation of the 14th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest Artworks
Especially this year, we were amazed with the artworks expressing children’s honest feelings.
Also they impressed us with pure expressions depicting cars as measures which solve social problems around us, and moreover it is admirable that they are interested in not only issues happening in their own countries; but also other countries‘ problems. We were inspired by such unique and diverse challenges which surely Toyota should address.
Grand Prizes
<Ages 7 and under> 「Pollution Purifying Car」
Comment by Prof. Koichi Ebizuka, Tama Art University:
This car is designed with the idea of going back to the past not for yourself, but for others throughout the world and for the future. It shows that you don't want to simply have fun; rather, you're thinking how you can change the world as well as how the world should be. I really admire your sound thoughts, and how you expressed it properly in your artwork.

Comment by Prof. Emeritus Tatsumasa Watanabe, Tama Art University:
This artwork is well drawn showing a polluted world alongside the real world. Clearly shown both of these in a skillful way was the decisive factor of winning this award.

<Ages 8~11> 「Emotion-healing」
Comment by Prof. Koichi Ebizuka, Tama Art University:
Anyone who sees this depiction of a baby inside mother’s belly will feel a sense of nostalgia. How fantastic if there really were car like this, that can sense emotions of occupants. The car can talk by using 5 human senses. This means it is more like “human.” I want to ride this wondrous car.

Comment by Prof. Emeritus Tatsumasa Watanabe, Tama Art University:
It does a great job showing a gentle, loving car within the mother's womb as well as the uncertainty of the outside world.

<Ages 12~15> 「Car for the Visually Impaired」
Comment by Prof. Koichi Ebizuka, Tama Art University:
The world around us is designed through the eyes of the people with no visual disability, as well as design of cars. However, your idea enables the visually impaired people to drive around. This expression is a breakthrough of Dream car Art Contest. I really hope this impressive car will become a reality.

Comment by Prof. Emeritus Tatsumasa Watanabe, Tama Art University:
This artwork is greatly depicting a car for the visually impaired people, and a world in which they can drive with full peace of mind. I believe it’s important to achieve a society like this where they can enjoy driving experiences and travel safely throughout the world as shown in your picture.
Special Awards
<Waku-Doki* Award>
“Joy of car ownership”&“Fun-to-Drive spirit” are related to a sense of “Waku-Doki.”
*”Waku-Doki” : Exceeding expectations brings joy & smile to our customers.

「Auto Puzzle」
Comment by Juichi Wakisaka, Racing driver & TGR Ambassador:
The concept that you can customize your car in various ways using your smartphone sounds really exciting and fun. I wish TOYOTA would actually develop this car so I could try it in real life.

Comment by Koya Sugiura, General Manager, GR Brand Management Division, Toyota Motor Corporation:
When I first saw your picture and concept, it made me imagine different conversion ideas with excitement.
This is a really impressive car that makes people excited.

<Mobility for All Award>
Awarded to the artwork expressing the car which realizes “Freedom of moving to all people.”

(World, Rescue, Assist, Protect)

Comment by Yoshihiro Nakata, Senior General Manager, Toyota Motor Corporation:
As its acronym name “WRAP CAR” shows, the design of this car is impressive that can rescue, assist and protect people around the world from viruses and also enables them to travel safely.
Here at Toyota, we would like to introduce this kind of concept in our car developments.
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